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Ficep S.p.A. of Northern Italy has become the principal supplier of structural steel and plate fabrication equipment in the world market during the past 10 years. For example, Ficep currently controls approximately 75% of the world market for structural steel and plate processing systems.

In October of 2002 Ficep S.p.A. founded a new subsidiary, Ficep Corporation, to address the sales and service requirements of North America. Since the beginning Ficep Corporation, based in Forest Hill, Maryland has sold over 350 CNC lines in North America. This subsidiary is engaged in the manufacturing, sales, and service of new Ficep equipment plus the rebuilding of used structural steel fabrication equipment.

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Ficep Corporation and New York Area Fabricators Tour Structural Steel Fabrication Facilities in Italy

In October of 2010 several fabricators took the opportunity>

Italy is Currently the World's Largest Manufacturer of Metal Forming Machine Tools in the World

Even though 2009 was thought to be a global recession >

Ficep Introduces

New "Gemini Series" of CNC Plate Cutting and Drilling Systems >


Structural Steel and Plate Fabrication Equipment & Systems

Our sales and service team averages over 20 years of experience strictly selling and servicing equipment for the structural steel fabrication industry. Our experience level in this industry is second to none! Please take this opportunity to browse our web site and learn more about the Ficep advantage!


Beam Drill Lines

Ficep has developed a comprehensive line of 31 different CNC drill line systems to provide the most productive and cost effective...
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CNC Gantry Style Plate Processing Centers

The gantry style systems from Ficep address plate fabrication tasks that require drilling, milling, tapping, countersinking, scribing and cutting....
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CNC Plate Processing Centers

Finally a CNC plate processing center that can do it all! Punch, Drill, Mill, Tap, Countersink, Scribe, Mark, Plasma and Oxy-fuel cut...
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CNC Controlled Band Saws

Ficep offers a complete range of CNC controlled band saws that can be furnished as a stand-alone system or in combination with a CNC controlled drilling line....
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CNC Pipe Cutting

Addressing numerous requests for automatic pipe cutting, Ficep Corporation has added to their product line the HGG Pro Cutter 600...
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Forging Equipment

Shears, Forging Presses, Carbide Saws and Manipulators.
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Plate Duplicators

The Ficep plate duplicators eliminate the time consuming layout and hole production that is associated with the production of plate...
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CNC Robotic Beam Processing

This robotic structural steel burning system generates total flexibility as the torch can be articulated to process all surfaces so it can achieve a full complement of CNC...
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Angle Lines

The Ficep CNC angle line solution gives you the opportunity to not only process angle but also channels and flats!...
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Material Handling Systems

Material handling of structural steel and plate for fabricators has been considered a necessary evil for years. Not because it is totally unnecessary but rather it never adds value to...
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Magnetic Lifting Devices

Material handling of structural steel and plate for fabricators has been considered a necessary evil for years...
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